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Dover Publications Handel Keyboard Works for Solo Instrument


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Features 35 neglected works from Handel's vast oeuvre, originally jotted down as improvisations. Includes 8 Great Suites, others. New sequence.

Table of Contents for Keyboard Works for Solo Instrument

Suite in A Major (HG II/i/1)
  Prelude (G 1)
  Allemande (G 2)
  Courante (G 3)
  Gigue (G 4)
Fugue in A Minor (G17) (HG II/iv/5)
Prelude (G 18) and Lesson (G19) in A Minor (HG II/iii/6)
Fugue in B Minor (G 27) (HG II/iv/4)
Suite in B-flat Major (HG II/ii/7)
  Allemande (G 30)
  Courante (G 31)
  Sarabande (G 32)
  Gigue (G 33)
Suite in B-flat Major (HG II/ii/1)
  Prelude (G 34)
  Sonata (Allegro) (G 35)
  Air (with 5 variations) (G 36)
Fugue in B-flat Major (G 37) (HG II/iv/3)
Sonatina in B-flat Major (G 40) (HG II/iii/10)
Sonata in C Major (HG II/iii/12)
  Allegro (G 56)
  Trio (G 57)
  Gavotte (G 58)
Sonata in C Major (G 59) (HG II/iii/11)
Fantasia in C Major (G 60) (HG II/iii/4
Fugue in C Minor (G 83) (HG II/iv/6)
Suite in D Minor (HG II/ii/4)
  Allemande (G 108)
  Courante (G 109)
  Sarabande (with 2 variations) (G 110)
  Gigue (G 111)
Suite in D Minor (HG II/i/3)
  Prelude (G 112)
  Allegro [Fugue] (G 113)
  Allemande (G 114)
  Courante (G 115)
  Air (with 5 variations) (G 116)
  Presto (G 117)
Suite in D Minor (HG II/ii/3)
  Allemande (G 118)
  Allegro (G 119)
  Air [Sarabande] (G 120)
  Gigue (G 121)
  Minuet (G 122)
Suite in D Minor (HG II/iii/1)
  Allemande (G 123)
  Courante (G 124)
  Sarabande (G 125)
  Gigue (G 126)
Suite in E Major (HG II/i/5)
  Prelude (G 145)
  Allemande (G 146)
  Courante (G 147)
  "Air (with 5 variations; "Harmonious Blacksmith") (G 148)"
Suite in E Minor (HG II/ii/5)
  Allemande (G 160)
  Sarabande (G 161)
  Gigue (G 162)
Suite in E Minor (HG II
  Allegro [Fugue] (G 163)
  Allemande (G 164)
  Courante (G 165)
  Sarabande (G 166)
  Gigue (G 167)
Suite/Sonata in F Major (HG II/i/2)
  Adagio (G 175)
  Allegro (G 176)
  Adagio (G 177)
  Allegro [Fugue] (G 178)
  Allegro (G 179)*
Capriccio in F Major (G 183) (HG II/iii/8)
Chaconne in F Major (G 184) (HG II/iii/5)
Suite in F Minor (HG II/i/8)
  Prelude (G 193)
  Fugue (Allegro) (G 194)
  Allemande (G 195)
  Courante (G 196)
  Gigue (G 197)
Suite in F-sharp Minor (HG II/i/6)
  Prelude (G 204)
  Largo (G 205)
  Allegro [Fugue] (G 206)
  Gigue (G 207)
Suite (Partita) in G Major (HG II/ii/8)
  Allemande (G 211)
  Allegro (G 212)
  Courante (G 213)
  Aria (G 214)
  Minuet (G 215)
  Gavotte (G 216)
  Gigue (G 217)
Chaconne (with 62 variations) in G Major (G 228) (HG II/ii/9)
Chaconne (with 21 variations) in G Major (G 229) (HG II/ii/2)
Fugue in G Major (G 231) (HG II/iv/2)
Minuet in G Minor (G 242) (part of HG II/ii/1)
Suite in G Minor (HG II/ii/6)
  Allemande (G 246)
  Courante (G 247)
  Gigue (G 249)
Suite in G Minor (HG II/i/7)
  Ouverture (G 250)
  Andante (G 251)
  Allegro (G 252)
  Sarabande (G 253)
  Gigue (G 254)
  Passacaille (Chaconne) (G 255)
Suite in G Minor (HG II/iii/2)
  Allemande (G 260)
  Courante (G 261)
  Sarabande (G 262)
  Gigue (G 263)
Fugue in G Minor (G 264) (HG II/iv/1)
Prelude (G 265) and Sonata (Allegro) (G 266) in G Minor (HG II/iii/9)
Capriccio in G Minor (G 270) (HG II/ii/3)

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