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Image for ME-80 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal from SamAsh
Image for ME-80 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal from SamAsh
Image for ME-80 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal from SamAsh
Image for ME-80 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal from SamAsh
Image for ME-80 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal from SamAsh
Image for ME-80 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal from SamAsh
Image for ME-80 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal from SamAsh
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Boss ME-80 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

The Boss ME-80 guitar multi-effects pedal delivers hands on access to a world of great tones!


(25 reviews)

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MSRP: Old Price $449.99 Discounted Price $299.99 Save : $150.00 (33%)
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Mobile, battery powered, and filled with a diverse selection of flagship-quality BOSS amps and effects, the ME-80 is the ideal compact tone processor for performing guitarists. A friendly knob-based interface makes it simple to dial in great sounds in seconds, while easily selectable operation modes offer the flexibility of individual stompbox-style on/off or instant recall of complex multi-effects setups. Unique new footswitches deliver twice the control of previous designs for efficient and intuitive effects switching, patch selection, and real-time sound shaping while playing on stage. The free BOSS TONE STUDIO software unlocks even more tonal possibilities, providing a cool graphical interface for tweaking and organizing sounds on your computer, plus a web connection to BOSS TONE CENTRAL for direct access to free gig-ready patches created by top pro guitarists and much more.

  • Compact and powerful floor multi-effects with a simple knob-based interface
  • Eight simultaneous effects categories, each with multiple effects types
  • Dial up tones with the ease of using your favorite stompboxes
  • Includes a massive selection of top-quality effects, from classic BOSS stomps to the latest MDP effects
  • Updated flagship-level COSM amps derived from the GT-100
  • Eight multifunction footswitches and expression pedal
  • Manual mode for stompbox-style on/off; Memory mode for switching complete patch setups
  • Delay section includes Phrase Loop function with 38 seconds of recording
  • Runs on six AA batteries or optional PSA-series AC adapter
  • USB audio/MIDI interface built in
  • Free BOSS TONE STUDIO software allows you to edit and organize tones on your computer, and also preview and download free patches directly from the BOSS TONE CENTRAL website

A Huge Selection of BOSS Effects in One Pedal
No matter what style you play, it’s easy to craft your own personal sound with the ME-80’s wide range of built-in effects. A complete history of gig-ready BOSS tone processing is at your command, from multiple overdrives and distortions to wahs, mod effects, pitch shifters, delays, and beyond. BOSS’ groundbreaking Multi Dimensional Processing (MDP) technology is represented with the unique, spacious ambience of Tera Echo and the distinctive tone-shaping possibilities of Overtone. Updated COSM preamps include new additions such as Crunch and Metal, plus an AC preamp designed for acoustic/electric guitar. The onboard expression pedal can be used for foot volume and pedal effects like wah, octave shift, and Freeze, and it’s also possible to control effects parameters such as mod rate, delay oscillation, and more for expressive real-time sound shaping.       

Instant Gratification with Dedicated Knobs
Unlike typical menu-driven multi-effects processors that are complicated and unintuitive, using the ME-80 is as easy as using a stompbox. Effects are organized into eight logical categories that can all be active at the same time. Seven categories contain multiple effects types to choose from, plus dedicated knobs for selecting a type and adjusting it with a set of parameters you’d find in the pedal version of the effect. The Pedal FX category has its own knob for quickly assigning a particular effects type or function to be controlled by foot with the expression pedal. With this familiar and friendly interface, you’re able to dial up and play great tones instantly, just like using a large pedalboard filled with your favorite stomps. But a major advantage over that pedalboard is that you can to save all the current knob settings to one of the ME-80’s 36 user patch locations, allowing you to recall custom effects configurations at the touch of a pedal.

Stompbox Immediacy or Multi-FX Power: You Decide
The hands-on experience that stompbox control provides is perfect for tweaking tones as you go. However, there are times when switching among an entire group of preset effects is more efficient, such as when you’ve set up complex tones for different songs. The flexible ME-80 supports either approach, giving you the best of worlds. In Manual mode, the categories function like individual stomp effects, with instant adjustment via the panel knobs and on/off control with dedicated footswitches. By entering Memory mode, seven footswitches are automatically reconfigured to select user or preset patches and patch banks, letting you recall complete multi-effects setups directly. One footswitch on the ME-80 is dedicated just for mode switching, so you can toggle between Manual and Memory modes any time you want, even in the middle of a song.   

New Footswitch Design Delivers Twice the Control
The ME-80 offers easy usability while performing, with eight multifunction footswitches for direct control of effects on/off, bank/patch selection, and mode switching, plus convenient access to alternate functions such as tap tempo, tuner, looper control, and more. A special control (CTL) function is also assignable in each patch, letting you toggle grouped effects on/off or adjust a specified parameter in real time. The newly developed footswitch style provides two switches in the space occupied by one in previous designs, allowing BOSS to equip the ME-80 with a generous array of foot-operated controls while keeping the unit extremely compact and mobile. In addition to the eight main footswitches, the expression pedal is equipped with an integrated toe switch that toggles between foot volume and the current Pedal FX setting.

USB Audio/MIDI Interface Built In
Via USB, you can connect to your computer and capture the output of the ME-80 directly into your favorite DAW to record pro tones with COSM preamps and effects. It’s also possible to monitor the ME-80’s effects sound while recording an unprocessed signal into a DAW track; after the fact, use the USB Loopback function to “re-amp” the dry track with the ME-80, tweaking the knobs as you listen to the song to capture the perfect tone. MIDI transfer over USB is also supported, allowing you to select ME-80 patches from your computer, send expression and control pedal data into your software, and swap patches via BOSS TONE STUDIO.       

Edit and Organize Tones and Connect to the Web with BOSS TONE STUDIO
Available as a free download, the BOSS TONE STUDIO application provides an inviting graphical interface for tweaking the ME-80’s effects from your Mac or Windows computer through USB. The software makes it easy to save, edit, and organize your patches, and to load them into the ME-80 as needed for different gigs and other applications. If your computer has Internet access, BOSS TONE STUDIO also provides an integrated connection to the BOSS TONE CENTRAL website, allowing you to preview and download gig-ready patches created by top guitar pros directly into your ME-80! In addition to expanding your palette of tones, these free patches provide solid foundations for creating your own patches with the ME-80’s extensive array of effects.

BOSS TONE CENTRAL: Your Web Home for Free Patches, Instructional Vids, Artist Tips, and More
BOSS TONE CENTRAL is the ultimate destination for all players that use BOSS guitar and bass gear. The initial focus of this powerful new web portal is on the ME-80, but compact stomps and other BOSS multi-effects will be included as the site grows. Right now, you have access to lots of great ME-80 content, including demo videos and free patches created by famous guitarists, touring pros, and session players. Check back often for additional patches, how-to videos, artist interviews, and much more. If you love BOSS effects, BOSS TONE CENTRAL is the place to be!

Order your Boss ME-80 Guitar Multi Effect Pedal from Sam Ash Direct today with the security of our 45/60 day return/price protection policy, and be sure to take advantage of our fast, free shipping.

Things You Will Get:

  • Effect Pedal
  • Owner's Manual
  • Dry Batteries (Alkaline: LR6 (AA) type) x 6
  • "Read Me First" Leaflet

Good product.


Easy to use. Modulation and compressors sound good (like Boss pedals)!for some reason the OD pedals don't sound that good to me. I don't use pre amp section to comment on it.



I recommend this product


I have an electric acoustic guitar and this is awesome.



5 stars


Excellent item as always. Fulfills all of my guitar playing needs. Customer service is 5 stars as well. Corey and the rest of the staff are always reliable.





Good 💘 it



Best multieffects pedal for the price


I would buy the laptop USB cable with this for a faster setup process. Plenty of effects, great updated software, varied sound through effects, lots of trouble shooting videos if any problems occur, lots of support from other users that make preset effects



Great processor from Boss!


I've been playing guitar for over 30 years and I have had/used a wide range of effects over the years. From traditional stomp boxes to high end rack mounted MIDI processors and just about everything in between. The Boss ME-80 is a great tool for practice and recording and possibly even live performances (haven't tried it for that yet but I'm optimistic). It's extremely user friendly. In a very short time I was able to set up plenty of different patches to meet my playing needs and I honestly believe that with a little extra tweaking I could pull just about any tone I could think of out of it. I do wish that Boss would have included a power supply. I think that at this price point it's kind of expected and it is a bit disappointing that they didn't. It would have also been nice to have the additional connections to be able to run the "4 cable" method of hooking it up through your amps effects loop so you could better use your amps high gain channels. Definitely not a deal breaker, but it would have been nice. All in all, this is a great entry to mid level processor that can and will do just about anything you need it to.


Coalport, PA

Awesome Pedal Multi Effects Pedal!!


This pedal is so easy to use. The customization is really amazing. I can change each switch to be a different pedal and have so many different effects available. I mostly play clean but the overdrive tones are such a nice touch. My favorite part about this pedal is that I can switch between banks in the middle of my songs without bending over so it switching effects is pretty flawless. All of the effects not tweaked sound good but sound even better when you put your own touch to them. Really easy to carry around and it can use batteries!


St. Pete, FL

Excellent Pedal Board Option!!


Don't want to build a pedal board? Then the Boss ME-80 is a perfect option for you! The ME-80 offers an easy to use multi effects processor that will simulate all of your favorite stomp boxes. There are endless adjustments and possibilities available at your finger tips. Also included is the Boss Tone Studio software so that you can further adjust your unique sound on your computer. Very Cool!! Staff reviewer at Sam Ash Cleveland.

Robert Schneider

Cleveland, Ohio

Perfect. Better than my expectation!!


Good product Delivery in time Perfect delivery box


Atlanta GA

World of Sound Without Burning A Hole in The Pocket


This is a great inexpensive option instead of constructing a pedal board. You'll get a plethora of quality effects, sturdy boss build quality, and sound shaping options. Alternatively, it's a good tool to really understand which effects you have as the goto effects, and you can begin to build a pedal board with those effects in mind. No matter which direction you take, you can be sure that there is nothing that can touch the sound quality at this price point.


Edison, NJ

ME-80 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

4.7 25


Warranty Info:

Effects pedals: 5 years parts, 3 years labor All other products: 1 year parts, 90 days labor

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