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Image for CSD130 Electronic Drum Set from SamAsh
Image for CSD130 Electronic Drum Set from SamAsh
Image for CSD130 Electronic Drum Set from SamAsh
Image for CSD130 Electronic Drum Set from SamAsh
Image for CSD130 Electronic Drum Set from SamAsh
Image for CSD130 Electronic Drum Set from SamAsh
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Carlsbro CSD130 Electronic Drum Set

The Carlsbro 9-Piece Electronic Drum Kit is foldable, portable, stable and a cinch to set up.


(12 reviews)

Discounted Price $299.99 MSRP: Old Price $660.00 Save : $360.01 (55%)
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MSRP: Old Price $660.00 Discounted Price $299.99 Save : $360.01 (55%)
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Suitable for small spaces for practice, or playing out in small venues or parties, this kit sounds and plays far better than other electronic drums at this price point.  The kick trigger can be installed directly for a real feel effect and the hi hat control offers natural voice.  The module is simple and intuitive and features compatability with and teaching or game software via USB inputs.  You can also use the module as a trigger device or audio source when connecting to a MIDI device or play along to your smart phone, mp3 player or tablet via the aux jack.

The Carlsbro 9-Piece Electronic Drum Kit features 20 preset drum kits, 15 user drum kits, 250 distinct voices and reverb effect.

Get your Carlsbro 9-Piece Electronic Drum Kit today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Things You Will Get:

  • Drum Module
  • Drum Rack
  • Ride Pad
  • Crash Pad
  • Tom Pads x 3
  • Snare Pad
  • Bass Drum Pad
  • Bass Drum Pedal
  • Hi Hat Control
  • Cable Ties x 12

Great kit


This kit was a pleasant surprise, being that its aimed at younger, beginning players. The rubber pads are well made and are very comfortable to play. This kit comes with a kick pedal which is a nice plus. Overall, if you're looking for a good first drum kit without all the noise, look no further. Joe @ store 57-Indianapolis, IN


Indianapolis, IN

Great for the price


Great set for the price

J crum

Miami, fl

Pretty decent for the price


I got this as a Christmas gift so I can take it to use in my dorm room at college. So first off, the size of it is great. It is very compact and everything feels really sturdy and well made. They have a decent feel/look to them so overall it's a great kit for just something cheap to keep you playing if you're away from your real drum set for a while or don't have the space. The downsides to it are the sounds are very cheesy so I recommend using the midi feature and using drum software such as EZ Drummer 2 or a free one called MT Power Drum Kit. Another thing is the hi-hat pedal isn't very responsive. Playing on the closed hats and trying to open them while you play doesn't really make a nice smooth sound. They don't give off a gradient of closed to open, it's either the closed hat sound or the open sound with no in between. If that makes any sense. So the hats are kinda choppy and don't sound very fluid. Also the kick drum is just a single trigger pointing downward, so you can only use the pedal/beater that comes with it and can't use double bass. You also can't add any other drums to it, but as long as you figure out the mounting and what not you could upgrade pieces if you would like to. So eventually I'm going to swap out the kick drum with something nicer so I can practice double bass as well. But overall it's a pretty decent kit and it's something just to keep me loose and comfortable around a drum set during my months away from home.

Ben K.

Scranton, PA

Worth every penny!


My children and I absolutely love this set! There are 7 different drum kit sound features, it was easy to assemble fits in any room and easy to store! My children's ages range from 10 to 17 and they all enjoy practicing. I also love that they can practice any time of the day with headphones and no one else gets disturbed. I highly recommend this affordable equipment!


New Jersey

Great Enry Electric Kit


Drum gear can be expensive starting out. With this Carlsbro Electric drum kit, you can get started at a lower price point on a kit with some cool features! Electric kits are nice, because they are quiet and have a volume control. This kit has a lot of voices and is small enough to fit in a bedroom, or an apartment. There is a bass pad with an inverted beater and pedal that this kit comes with, and it makes it feel like a real bass drum. Most other entry level electric kits only had 2 foot controllers for the hi hat and bass drum. So it will feel more closely related to an Acoustic Kit. This kit would be great for anyone wanting to get started playing drums, but is on a tight budget. I would recommend this kit. This is a product review by Rocky at Sam Ash Store 57-Indianapolis, IN

Rocky Rodriguez

Indianapolis, In

Great Entry Kit


Unlike most other instruments, drum kits can be pretty cost prohibitive. This kit is a great opportunity for a beginner to get into drumming at a reasonable price point, and you won't have to worried about having a sound proof room to practice in. Alternatively, if you're a pro drummer who rehearses and plays with an acoustic kit, but need an affordable way to practice in your apartment, this kit is a great way to do that.

DJ Jazzy Josh

Canoga Park, CA

Great First Electric Set


The CSD130 is he best for beginners who want flexibility and great utility from not only a drum set, but an electric drum set. Comes prepacked with various presets ad drum kits so you can never et bored. You also have the option for USB input for use in tandem with video games or various other teaching supplements. You can even trigger midi notes with this thing ! Killer drum set for players of all ages and skill levels

Darius Taylor

Edison, NJ

CSD130 Electronic Drum Set

4.7 12


Series Carlsbro
Model CSD130
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