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Image for KT3 6-Piece Electronic Drum Set from SamAsh
Image for KT3 6-Piece Electronic Drum Set from SamAsh
Image for KT3 6-Piece Electronic Drum Set from SamAsh
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KAT KT3 6-Piece Electronic Drum Set

The KAT KT3 6-Piece Electronic Drum Set is KAT's latest addition to their "KT" series. This kit features up graded pads as well as an all new module which incorporates a ton of high-end features.


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MSRP: Old Price $1,666.99 Discounted Price $999.99 Save : $667.00 (40%)
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The Kit

This kit offers up unsurpassed playability with it’s 11" dual zone pads which are ultra-sensitive for natural dynamic tracking. The double pedal compatible 9" bass drum tower has a solid feel and response that allows you to play comfortably at any dynamic. The silent stroke beater guarantees that you won't hear a gross, unwanted thus as you strike the pad; just the sample through your amp or headphones.

The cymbal arms are all fully adjustable, allowing you to truly get comfortable behind the KT3. This set includes a 12" hi-hat, two 12" crashes, and a 14" ride. The ride has a larger bell to give you the feel of a real cymbal. The dual-zone cymbal pads are also independently programmable. This means you can assign the bow and the crash to have different sounds, giving you double the options.

The lightweight, yet extremely reliable rack provides a solid base for the rest of the kit. The prepositioned rack clamps allow for a quick and easy set-up that guarantees you'll be playing in mere minutes while the matching Velcro ties keep your kit neat and organized.

The Module

The KT3M represents KAT's commitment to both quality and progress. This module has a bunch of killer features that are sure to make any electronic percussionist's jaw drop. The KT3M Sound Module features 550 internal sounds as well as 45 different pre-set kits. This guarantees that no matter what situation you find yourself in, you'll have the perfect sounding kit for the gig. The 25 additional user kits allow you to chop and cut your favorite sounds into custom drum kits. It doesn't stop there. KAT also installed 100 play-along tracks for you to jam to, as well as a "Learning Mode". This allows you to continuously develop your chops, feel, and groove even when there is no one to jam with. This module also features a push button interface, USB 2.0 port, MIDI in/out, auxiliary in, and a headphone port so you can practice without bothering those who live with you.

Get your KAT KT3 6-Piece Electronic Drum Set today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Things You Will Get:

    KT3M Sound Module
    11" Dual-Zone Snare Pad
    (2X) 9" Dual-Zone tom Pad
    (2X) 11" Dual-Zone Floor Tom Pad
    Shock Absorption Kick Tower w/ 9" Pad
    Hi-Hat Controller
    (2X) 12" Dual-Zone Crash Cymbal
    (1X) 14" Dual-Zone Ride Cymbal w/ Bell Trigger
    (1X) 12" Hi-Hat Cymbal
    (3X) Boom Cymbal Arms
    (1X) Straight Hi-Hat Arm
    Drum Rack w/ Mounting Hardware
    Silent Strike Bass Drum Beater
    Multi-pin Cable Harness
    (2X) 8' Stereo Trigger Cables
    (1X) Pair of Drumsticks
    Drum key
    (5X) Velcro Cable Ties
    Assembly Instructions
    User Manual



Best set I could find anywhere. THANKS SAM . . . . and Steven Segal. Really



fantastic bit of kit for very little $$$


i have owned several leading brand electronic drum kits, from roland & yamaha the TD12, TD4, TD3 and the DTX502... and sold them all after a year or 2. my issue is though they were great, what i wanted was a simple kit i could practice on that allowed me to have the same setup of my acoustic kit & that didn't cost the earth. the TD12 was amazing but expensive and had millions of features i dint eve use or need. the TD3 & 4 were good, but their sounds were awful and there were too many limits on the setup & kit size. the DTX was very good and probably the best but still a lot of money for a kit i would only use 4 times month for a quick practice & they all had silly small pads that were way too loud considering they were supped to be quiet. so for a while i was practice kit less... non fit the bill "affordable, expandable, simple & decent sounds" then the KT 3 came out and i was instantly interested... 2 toms 2 floor toms, bigger sized pads on the snare and floors, snare & 2 crashes... prefect for me. what worried me was the price, it was too good to be true. took the plunge in december, i have not been disappointed.... the rubber pads are softer than roland & make about half the noise, they feel better. the kit triggers perfectly, everything is editable to some extent, ignore anyone who rubbishes the sound, they are very good and i have tweaked mine getting a very good natural sound. many of the bad reviews i have read are clearly by people who have not bothered to read the instructions. all the pads except the bass & hi hat are dual zone which is brilliant, except i don't need the rim zones on the toms, however you can add other sound to them so can add cowbell, splash, china cymbals etc to them, in time i will probably buy more pads and split the leads expending the kit off these. the cymbals choke, you can do very accurate cymbal swells from them which i could ever achieve of any of the lower priced roland kits. my only real critique of the kit is that of all the lower priced electronic kits of all makes, the bass drum pad works fine on a single pedal but with a double its unstable and can warble and move... this one would be fine of it had spikes to anchor it and a clamp to secure it to the frame, but it does not so i have cobbled my own & with a bit of work its now solid.... having said that the silent strike beater & soft pad mean its avery quiet bass pad, for the money you can't get better for your cash.



Below Expectations


I recently bought the Kat 3 Pro electronic drum set. I did not pay a lot for it so I thought I got a good deal but having the set a week now it leaves a lot to be desired. I like the rack and the way it looks, the three boom cymbals, the two floor toms, the bigger trigger pads for the snare and floor toms but the sound quality of the module isn't there, there is not one dry drum sound in the module and anyone that has mixed a live band knows where that's going all the sounds are these ringy long sustainable sounds that you can not adjust, it seems to be geared more for hip hop and rap drummers than pop or rock. I have a Yahama Dxpress set from the 90's so I am using that brain, the sounds are of much better quality. Two of the the 8in" drum pads are all ready not working properly the are intermittent. I sent in the warranty. I have sent them emails to there "costumer service" about replacing the pads but have received no reply. If this is their Pro Set I shutter to think about the cheaper ones. In short unless you can buy this set very cheaply and are prepared to start buying pads for it then stay away from it, save up your money and buy a Yahama DTX 562 or better and add some more pads to it. A J


Palm Beach Shores, Fl

KT3 6-Piece Electronic Drum Set

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