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Image for DR-100 Acoustic Guitar from SamAsh
Image for DR-100 Acoustic Guitar from SamAsh
Image for DR-100 Acoustic Guitar from SamAsh
Image for DR-100 Acoustic Guitar from SamAsh
Image for DR-100 Acoustic Guitar from SamAsh
Image for DR-100 Acoustic Guitar from SamAsh
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Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone’s best selling acoustic featuring a select Spruce top.


(18 reviews)

Discounted Price $139.00 MSRP: Old Price $232.00 Save : $93.00 (40%)

MSRP: Old Price $232.00 Discounted Price $139.00 Save : $93.00 (40%)
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The best-selling Epiphone DR-100 delivers real acoustic value at an affordable price making it suitable for the seasoned player needing a value priced acoustic to work out or the brand-new beginner, just learning the first chords of their musical journey. Epiphone has been making fine acoustic instruments since 1873 and is the brand choice of many of music’s all-time legends. Epiphone makes this long history of expertise accessible to all with this fine entry-level acoustic instrument.

The Epiphone DR-100 sets the standard for acoustic value with its traditional big-voiced Dreadnought shaped Mahogany body with scalloped, wide-X internal bracing for optimum resonance and volume while a glued-in set Mahogany neck adds sustain and improved acoustic tone. The DR-100 also has a Rosewood bridge and matching Rosewood fingerboard and boasts a quality, Select Spruce top, which produces true acoustic tone. The room-filling voice of the instrument pays testament to its traditional and time-honored construction methods with a genuine warm, voluminous tone, great for rhythm or lead parts. Case not included.

  • Top: Select Spruce
  • Body: Mahogany
  • Neck: Mahogany, glued
  • Neck Profile: SlimTaper
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Fingerboard Inlay: Pearloid dot inlay
  • Scale: 25.5”
  • Nut: 1.69”
  • Hardware: Nickel
  • Machine Heads: Premium tuners
  • Case: Not included

Get your Epiphone DR-100 today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Things You Will Get:

  • Acoustic Guitar



The guitar was purchased for one of my Combat Veterans in a music therapy group that we started. He came to the group expressing a real love of music and the desire to learn more. However, he had one small problem: he did not own a guitar. We welcomed him into the group and decided to buy him the sunburst Epiphone as a surprise and as a way to show our thanks for his service in Afghanistan. It blew him away. Thanks.

Larry J

Jacksonville NC

Ester in the House


Update... So after deciding to drop the action 1/32" to hopefully improve playability I quickly realize I have made a horrible error by not checking the neck and frets to see if they are setup correctly. Mind you this is the first cheapy guitar I've ever bought so I never had to consider these issues. But I should have known better when this thing needed to be exchanged then swapped out two more times while in the store just to find one that was playable. Sad part is that it would be a nice guitar if a little more effort was put into the manufacture. Long story short, after I dropped the action to where I wanted it I soon realize the thing has uneven frets and the neck problems are now even more noticeable. Like the neck of this guitar would be better suited as a bow and arrow. I took it to the SAM ASH repair shop (I actually bought a warranty to have this setup... pointless waste of money). The repair guy tells me there's a flaw in the neck and it will never play right! REALLY???? Did this flaw exist less than six months ago when I bought the thing from this exact store? I literally bought this thing less than six months ago... His response: Oh well you should have brought it in sooner... I suggest you buy a new guitar. Ultimately he just had no interest in fixing a cheap acoustic which, honestly, I get that but would have rather him just speak to men man to man and said "Hey, it's not worth the effort fixing a $100 rig... bring the action back up and she will live again". Simple. Basically, understand that if you buy this guitar it's a total beater... carry it to the beach or leave it in you car for the impromptu jam. I'll probably use this as an experiment to learn how to make more adjustments myself because I really still like the feel really the only problem is that the neck is horribly bowed (like scalloped) so the strings have to remain high in order to play it. In any event it's not a big loss as a new saddle would be about $5. Side note... a guy behind me in the repair shop has an old electric bass which he puts on the counter and the repair guy tells him it's not an authentic model of what ever brand it was (I Forgot what it was off hand) the guitar owner says "I bought this HERE!!! about 15 years ago. Repair guy : Oh! well I've never seen this model then<<<REALLY??? This is par for course in a long history of horrible experiences in SAM ASH stores.

Mrs. Esterhouse

New York, NY

Okay but...


I bought it to have a cheap guitar I did have to worry about beating up. Sure the DR-100 is just that. However, this guitar is poorly manufactured which makes playing it annoying. A wavy neck, wildly uneven frets and high action to compensated/mask those issues. Roughly $120 for the guitar plus another $120 to get the thing to be playable? Not really worth it Might as well spend $300-400 on a better guitar... Lesson learned. I got the service play and will probably take it in to have the action dropped and level the frets but I hate wasting technician time with that... May just do it all myself for the learning experience. Plus, I had to trade it in three times before I got one that didn't buzz and have consistent problems around the 12th fret. Bottom line is Yes... I'd still recommend it but only if you buy a service plan and have it setup immediately or just buy a better guitar.

Mrs. Esterhouse

New York, NY

Great 1st guitar, if you know its limitations.


I have owned this guitar for a couple of years. It is very finicky about strings. It sounds great with uncoated 80/20 bronze light 12s or medium 13s but not with anything else. The sound completely falls apart with strings that are marketed as whatever percent louder. Also, no matter how you adjust it, if you use extra light 10s, for example, it will buzz like a bee. Stick with what works for it and it will be the best thing you can buy at up to twice the price. Just remember how much it costs and aim your expectations accordingly.

Almost Moe

Phoenix, AZ

Had it for a year


Well I've had this guitar for two years now, I think, and it stays in very good tune. I throw it in my car to take it to guitar lessons and it bakes a little in the sun. Doesn't matter, still works. I had the action lowered some time after I bought it and the strings changed. (Maybe it was after 6 months or a year.) That made it much easier to practice on. However, I didn't like the sound with the phosphor strings or whatever they are and had them put on 80/20 strings I think it was called, for which it sounds better to my ear. Anywho, I go in to Sam Ash every so ofter to compare the guitars, and I still like this one better than anything else under $200 or so.


Phoenix, AZ

Pure Junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I bought two of these guitars and was in shock how bad they were! One did not have a fret marker on the third fret and was a 1/2 inch smaller than the other one! The other one had bad frets and made a scraping noise at the higher frets when bending notes!! When I went to adjust the truss rod, wow it had a hole for one but no trust rod! I removed the trust rod cover just as I did for the first one but there was nothing under it!! I looked in the sound hole and found a place where the truss rod should have been!! Pure out junk and waste of money!!! Epiphone nor Gibson would address this unless I bought a hard case and paid to ship these sorry guitars back to them! It took me two months to even get them to agree to looking at them!! Save your money and by a Washburn!


Beaufort SC

Great with untreated strings only


The guitar sounds excellent with the stock strings but becomes muddy with louder strings, especially treated phosphor-bronze. Stick with untreated 80/20 strings and have the height of the strings lowered a bit for easier play and this becomes a really rewarding learning guitar.


Phoenix, AZ

Decent for the money


This was my first guitar. I started playing almost a year ago, and this guitar has taken my constant, and sometimes rowdy, practicing. The neck feels great in your hands, but you ABSOLUTELY MUST change the strings before you play. Of course it helped to form my calluses, but the stiff strings make it difficult to play for a beginner. I must admit that my obsessive playing has taken me farther than most people get in twice the time I've been playing, and this guitar has taken me through it.

Alex L.

Brooklyn, NY

you get what you pay for....


I've had this guitar for about a year. It's your basic cheap acoustic. I purchased it as a replacement for another cheap acoustic that broke under everyday use, and this one suffered the same fate. The gears in one of the tuning machines actually became stripped. Otherwise, the guitar is average, and the tone is somewhat undesirable. At the moment, I'm debating whether or not to replace the tuning machines or just buy a new guitar. I'd recommend buying a higher end epiphone since they have pretty good tone and generally come with grover tuning machines.

Scuba Steve

New Jersey

DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

3.2 18


Series Acoustic
Model DR-100
Warranty Info:

DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

The manufacturer's warranty covers parts and labor for the lifetime of the product. The warranty excludes damage from misuse, abuse, and contains other exclusions.

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