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Image for Helix Floorboard Multi-Effects Guitar Processor Pedal from SamAsh
Image for Helix Floorboard Multi-Effects Guitar Processor Pedal from SamAsh
Image for Helix Floorboard Multi-Effects Guitar Processor Pedal from SamAsh
Image for Helix Floorboard Multi-Effects Guitar Processor Pedal from SamAsh
Image for Helix Floorboard Multi-Effects Guitar Processor Pedal from SamAsh
Image for Helix Floorboard Multi-Effects Guitar Processor Pedal from SamAsh
Image for Helix Floorboard Multi-Effects Guitar Processor Pedal from SamAsh
Image for Helix Floorboard Multi-Effects Guitar Processor Pedal from SamAsh
Image for Helix Floorboard Multi-Effects Guitar Processor Pedal from SamAsh
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Line 6 Helix Floorboard Multi-Effects Guitar Processor Pedal

The Helix from Line 6 is stepping out of another dimension, giving you unreal customizable sound options at a level unmatched by other multi-effects processor pedals.


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Discounted Price $1,699.99
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If you know Line 6, you know how incredible their effects are. From amps to pedals, they have mastered recreating any sound, tone or style, always placing it into a smooth, easy to use format. This multi-effects guitar processor pedal showcases their technological prowess. The Helix Floorboard features dual DSP processing, an absurd number of sonic options, and advanced user experience. This pedal is for the advanced player who wants every option in one, high tech floorboard.

Dual DSP Processing
Line 6 has advanced their digital technology to a point where you can't discern between the Line 6 sounds and their true analog counterparts. The digital signal processing technology enables the Line 6 Helix to process different combinations of block types such as amp, cab, EQ, dynamics, and others, often in both stereo and mono versions. The DSP processor was painstakingly designed, evaluating all aspects of an amp's circuits, to recreate it in an unbelievably accurate way.

Absurd Number of Sonic Options
With this number of options, you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for and discover a whole lot more. You can access up to 1,024 preset locations. There are 62 amps, 37 cabs, 16 microphones and 104 effects to choose from. HX Modeling was used to capture the specific components of the vintage effects. When you select an Amp+Cab, Amp, or Preamp preset, you can modify its tonestack parameters (Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble) with the press of a button. Looking for a very specific cab sound? HX Hybrid cabs afford you a choice of 16 different microphones at 23 different recording distances. You can also plug in external hardware for additional options. Overall, the Line 6 Helix has so much to offer, it's impossible to get bored.

Advanced User Experience
This much control could get overwhelming. But Line 6 has combatted that with their intuitive, yet advanced, user experience. Comprised of touch-sensitive footswitches, users can select and edit a block just by touching it. It has a nice size LCD display which indicates all options in a straight forward manner, while colored LED rings and customizable scribble strips clearly distinguish each footswitch and what it's doing. The smartly designed Expression Pedal 1 (and 2) gives you a full foot pedal to control volume, wah, or combinations of amp/effects or parameters, then engage the hidden foot switch to toggle between 1 and 2. You can even integrate and control external hardware with a number of interfaces. All this with dimensions of 22.05" x 11.85" x 3.58" and weighing in at only 14.7 lbs.

  • Multi-Effects Floor Pedal
  • Dual DSP Processing
  • 1,024 Preset Locations, 62 Amps, 37 Cabs, 16 Microphones and 104 Effects to Choose From
  • LCD Display, Colored LED Rings and Customizable Scribble Strips
  • Expression Pedal 1 & 2 Advanced Control
  • Multiple External Interfaces
  • Includes AC Power Cable and USB Cable

Get your Line 6 Helix Floorboard Multi-Effects Guitar Processor Pedal today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Things You Will Get:

  • Multi-Effects Guitar Processor Pedal

Helix for the WIN!


I finally made the jump and I will never look back....thie Helix is an Amazing tool. User friendly.....and you can dial in anything you need. Great Fly Rig......



Love it


Excellent upgrade from the PODHD500



Excellent buy!


I love how effortless it is to use and how much you can do with it, the options are endless!



Line 6 Helix


First I would like to thank the Sam Ash sales rep. for calling me and offering a fantastic deal on the Line 6 Helix. I am totally satisfied with the Helix as expected and the reviews were spot on. This unit will replace the pedalboard and amps I have lugged around for years. There is a learning curve as with most modelers but the Helix is one of the easiest to navigate. You can easily get the tones you have been chasing with a little time and patience spent with the unit. I couldn't be happier with this purchase and with my new go to gear store, Sam Ash.



Best purchase I've made when it comes to effects/amps


Been using it at my own church and when I go to other church's too and it always gets the job done. Slight learning curve, but super easy once you get it. Great for worship leaders and worship musicians.



Beyond expectations


This product is incredibly powerful for any application you can throw at it. Guitarists and bassists alike.



I would defantly buy this again


This is the coolest thing ever love the flexibility of it to change in a second and only have one price to carry around



Overwhelmed in a good way.


Wow!... Just .... WOW... Take the time go over the Cheat sheet that comes with it. 4 (A, B, C, D) presets in a single bank. 32 banks in a "Setlist" . X8 set lists.... = more than I will ever need. Multiply that by the snapshot feature on each preset.



Love Line6 and Sam Ash


Finally a multi-effects processor that does not fall short on tone! It does have a slight learning curve but after a few days of work I was able to duplicate my pedal board/PRS Archon sound (perhaps even better)! The salesman at Sam Ash was very helpful through online chat and telephone (he called me!). Sam Ash definitely gave me the best price, free shipping and it only took a few days to receive, well packaged and perfect! Thanks Sam Ash!



Get one! It will change you live show:)


Awesome rig. Perfect for any working musician who wants great tones in one simple package.



Helix Floorboard Multi-Effects Guitar Processor Pedal

5.0 25


Series Helix
Model Helix Floor

Line 6 Helix Keyboard Shortcuts

Line 6 Helix Shortcuts 2.0

Warranty Info:

Amps/Foot Controllers: one year Computer Accessories: 90 days

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