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Image for MDA1 Mono Active Direct Box from SamAsh
Image for MDA1 Mono Active Direct Box from SamAsh
Image for MDA1 Mono Active Direct Box from SamAsh
Image for MDA1 Mono Active Direct Box from SamAsh
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Samson MDA1 Mono Active Direct Box

To The Max


(10 reviews)

Discounted Price $35.99 MSRP: Old Price $61.24 Save : $25.25 (41%)
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MSRP: Old Price $61.24 Discounted Price $35.99 Save : $25.25 (41%)
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Samson's MDA1 Mono Active Direct Box combines premium sound circuitry with durable, roadworthy construction, providing high-quality signal connection solutions for live sound and recording studio applications. The MDA1 operates on either batteries or phantom power and allows clean, balanced lines to be sent from your guitars and basses.

Active Operation
The active MDA1 provides an even frequency response on any audio signal you connect to regardless of its output impedance. As such, the MDA1 is ideal for connecting instruments with passive pickups, which have very high impedances, by preserving the top end of the instrument's frequency response. The MDA1's balanced output provides a clean signal that is less susceptible to noise than an unbalanced line, allowing for longer cable runs. In addition, a 2-position 0dB/-15dB attenuation switch lets you adapt the MDA1 to a wide variety of signals.

Thru Jack
The MDA1's Thru jack enables you to tap off the signal from the input and pass the signal to an amplifier or monitor without affecting the original audio. This can eliminate the need for miking guitar amplifiers, which depending on your application may be preferable, especially as more musicians are using in-ear monitors.

Roadworthy Construction
Housed in a 14-guage noise-reducing steel chassis, the MDA1 is built to withstand the abuse of the most demanding live tours. Its rigid outer shell protects all the MDA1's internal connections, switches and solder joints from failure, ensuring quiet, reliable performance.

  • All-metal, impact resistant design
  • 2-position 0dB/-15dB attenuation switch
  • Ground Lift switch
  • 1/4" Input and Thru
  • Balanced XLR output
  • 48V Phantom and 9V Battery power options

Get yours today; with the security of our many decades of experience and Sam Ash Direct efficient order processing, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Would buy again


Use with amplitube4.



I would definitely buy and recommend this product


Very good product if your looking for a active direct box. Works great for me and was very affordable. No complaints at all, and I would definitely buy it again and recommend it



so good I bought 3


great product. Price point is great. They work as expected. I bought 3



Great DI


This product is increadible. Sounds clean and clear. This improved my sound system. I use QSC amps and these DI units sound very good. I strongly recommend this product.

Atlanta Fat Boy


Lots of Bang For The Buck


I purchased three MDA1 direct boxes for my church worship team. I chose this model because the input impedance matched their instruments perfectly. Very heavy duty. Still pretty new but so far, everything looks great, works great and sounds great. I like these Samson units better than my Behringer DI-100 units and that's saying something because the Behringers aren't too bad.


New Hampshire

Great value for active DI box!!


I love this DI box for plugging in instruments onstage; it's super durable and has solid connections as well as a huge 15/30dB cut. All your basic DI Box features are there, including the THRU port for running your instrument through the DI Box to your pedalboard or personal monitor. Great sounding box that will last a long time for an awesome price!



Super value DI


This is an incredible deal for an active DI. At a mere fraction of the cost of any other DI on the market, this one is built rock solid and sounds great. A reliable DI is great to have in any musician's bag whether it be a bass player, acoustic guitarist, or DJ. There's no excuse for not owning a DI when this one can be had for such a low price. Don't hesitate to grab one of these!

Maximus Bassimus

Lombard, IL

Best Price for an Active DI


Most Active Direct Boxes start at 100 bucks. You'd be hard pressed to find a passive unit at this price range. But this active unit will ensure that you have a string signal that's ready to input a board, interface, or any device. When I found out there was an active box in this price range, I thought it would probably be plastic, fragile, or sound bad. You could use this box as a hammer to build a house and it would be just fine, and it sounds great.

DJ Jazzy Josh

Canoga Park, CA

Great New DI Box!


This new DI box from Samson just hit the market and is a great cost effective DI solution. These work great and are super durable, which you need with a good DI box. I would recommend these for any venue or recording rig needing a good DI solution on a budget.





These things are built like TANKS compared to other DI boxes out there!! Features a dB switch and a ground lift as well and runs very clean! I have been very surprised at the workmanship put into all of the Samson DI boxes. It really does not feel cheap at all!

Lee @ Sam Ash Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH

MDA1 Mono Active Direct Box

5.0 10


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