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Martin MTCN160 Titanium Core Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light Tension

Martin Titanium Core strings deliver the ultimate player’s experience with patented technology and a proprietary winding process only available from Martin!


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Discounted Price $39.99
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The patented technology and proprietary winding process delivers the most consistently wrapped string on the market and the consistency of the wrap affects every aspect of a string's playability, endurance, and tone. With Titanium Core strings, you will find the most superior intonation and tuning stability of any string you’ve ever played. And Titanium is naturally more flexible than steel, but just as strong, so the strings are easier to press down reducing finger fatigue.

  • Superior tuning stability and corrosion resistance.
  • Comfortable playability with less finger fatigue.
  • Greater consistancy and strength in the wrap process.
  • Improved coupling between wrap and core wires offers near perfect intonation.
  • Unique string anchor that reduces risk of breakage
  • Gauge: Light, 23.44, 23.34, 28.68, 29.65, 29.18, 25.91

Get yours today; with the security of our many decades of experience and Sam Ash Direct efficient order processing, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Nice tone.


Great product!



Great Sounding Strings!


These strings have a great tone and an amazing sound, but they are more comfortable on your fingers and stay in tune better than standard strings. Their better build quality also reduces the chance of breaking, so they will last longer than average strings. These are great strings for any serious guitarist!

Gerald @ Sam Ash #56

Cincinnati, OH

I love these strings


The titanium acoustic strings are by far some of the most durable strings made by Martin for acoustic guitar. Consistently wrapped, these are fairly stable and stay in tune longer than many other comparative stings. They are fairly light, so they maintain a nice and light playability while not compromising on strength.

Darius T

Edison, NJ

Very Durable


This past year Martin Strings introduced their new series of strings called the Titanium Core series. With its Titanium core, these strings are both very flexible, which makes playing very easy, and very durable, which allows them to stay in tune for longer and has less of a chance to break when tuning and playing. The price is definitely worth it since these strings will last you ages longer than your regular acoustic strings.


Edison, NJ

Comfortable Reliability


These strings are super comfortable for anyone desiring a softer touch without sacrificing durability. The titanium strings are extremely durable and maintain excellent intonation. These strings are definitely worth experimenting with if you are looking to try something innovative and new to the market.

Lady Landa

Edison, NJ

Great feeling new strings from Martin


We installed these on our favorite Martin D28 in the shop to get an idea on the tone and feel. So far these strings seem exceptional. Sure they are a bit more expensive than the DR Rare Phosphor Bronze and John Pearse Phosphor Bronze strings that are my usual go to choices for acoustics. But the feel is fantastic they are definitely a bit easier on the hands. The tone is excellent albeit a little different than I'm used to, not a bad or a good thing just kind of like do you prefer vanilla or chocolate ice cream. I'll do my best to describe it as balanced and lively but a little warmer and mellower in overall timbre than my usual choice in phosphor bronze strings (which are a little bolder and brighter). I'd say the biggest difference would be in the ease of playability. So if you favor a well balanced tone but want to make work for your fingers a little easier check out these awesome new Martin Titanium Core strings.

Nate M

Cincinnati, OH

MTCN160 Titanium Core Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light Tension

4.7 9


Material Nickel
Information not available

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