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Oasis Guitar Humidifier


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You probably already know that your instrument can crack in dry weather. Repairing a cracked top of a fine guitar is both expensive and can alter the sound of your instrument. To solve this problem, guitarists have been using "sound hole" humidifiers since the 1960's. These humidifiers do have a number of drawbacks. The first is that you cannot see when they need to be refilled. When you do refill them, they can be overfilled and drip inside your expensive instrument. This is because all currently available "sound hole" humidifiers have openings to allow for water evaporation. The job of protecting the instrument against leaks is left to an absorbent medium such as a sponge or floral foam, which can be over saturated with water.

Oasis™ has solved these problems by using a completely different approach.
The body of Oasis™ is made from a specially designed fabric that allows water vapor (but not water) to pass through it. As the vapor transmission takes place, a vacuum is created and Oasis™ shrinks to compensate for the loss of water. By watching the Oasis™ shrink, you can determine when it is ready for refill. When refilling, you don't have to guess when it is full. Simply unscrew the black cap, fill with water to the top of the container and replace the cap. Once sealed, the water tight container is your first line of defense against leaks. Humigel™, the super absorbent polymer crystals inside Oasis, are your second line of defense. Humigel captures up to 500 times its weight in water in an absorbent gel matrix.

Like other "sound hole" humidifiers, Oasis™ fits between the strings of your instrument. The materials that touch your strings are relatively soft and will not scratch your strings. A blue polyurethane stabilizing bar fits over the neck of the humidifier. Once positioned in the sound hole, the stabilizing bar lies across the guitar strings to ensure even weight distribution. Oasis™ never touches the body of your instrument.

Things You Will Get:

  • Guitar Humidifier

No more replacing packs or wetting sponges!


I like using this more than any of the other systems. I can use bottled water or my britta purifier tap water or distilled if I have any. It seems my first one has been around for more than 5 years and I've never had a humidity issue with my solid wood guitars. -this is a staff review by skern at Sam Ash Music 57





I, too, had high hopes--but should've known better. Followed instructions to a T. But I kept wondering why it needed refilling so frequently--at faster pace than the old-fashioned sponge-types installed in a couple other cases. Finally discovered tonight it had been leaking --from somewhere near the cap. Hoping the damage isn't long-term to my lefty acoustic-elect bass, but there are stains both at the bridge & inside the sound hole. AVOID.



Guitar Humidifier

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