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Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 PLUS Isolated Power Supply

Voodoo Lab's Pedal Power 2 Plus: Amazing tone starts at the start with a custom designed, ultra-low noise toroidal transformer for dead quiet operation.


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Discounted Price $179.99
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Filter, regulate, isolate, and protect! The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus does it, and does it well, because any less will degrade your pedal’s performance. Players everywhere upgrade to Pedal Power 2 Plus because it powers what conventional power supplies can’t. Pedal Power 2 Plus is hand made in the U.S.A., comes complete with cables, detachable AC power cord, a 5-year warranty, and simply makes you sound better!


Isolation is more than fixing ground loops.
Ground loops cause hum, and the solution is to break the unwanted ground path. Isolation is the best way to do it. Unlike other power supplies, Pedal Power 2 Plus isolates EVERY output. This eliminates tone robbing interaction between units. Now you can properly power everything from vintage overdrives to modern digital marvels that others just can’t!
Proprietary balanced transformer makes it possible.
A typical transformer, like those used in a wall wart, creates a large magnetic field that causes hum in any audio path near it. Pedal Power 2 Plus uses a custom designed, ultra-low noise toroidal transformer, with separate balanced windings for every output. Now even the most sensitive pedals can be dead quiet.

Switching power supplies aren’t for everything.
What’s good for charging a cell phone is NOT good for your pedals. While digital switching power supplies are small and inexpensive, they also generate unpredictable transients and extraneous noise. Pedal Power 2 Plus uses an audiophile quality linear supply for consistently stable, clean, pure power.

Get your Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 PLUS Isolated Power Supply today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Things You Will Get:

    Power Supply
    5.5x2.1mm right angle barrel connectors (6)
    5.5x2.1mm straight barrel connectors (2)
    5.5x2.5mm “red” barrel for L6 (1)
    3.5mm mini plug for vintage MXR or Electro-Harmonix (1)
    9V battery snap for pedals without a power jack (1)








I finally amassed enough pedals to generate tons of noise using my daisy chain power supply, so I decided to get a proper one. The Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus is what I went with and I'm very happy with my choice. My rig is vey quiet now. The only issue Ive had is with an Electro-Harmonix Good-Vibes pedal- it won't work properly when I plug it into the power supply. I get light modulation only, regardless of the knob settings on the pedal. Pedal runs on 9.6V instead of 9v, I tried setting the power to 12v as recommended in the power supply manual as well as plugging into the 250mA slots but nothing worked. I settled on plugging the pedal's power supply into the extra outlet on the back of the Pedal Power and it works great. Not sure if it can't be done while keeping the unit so quiet, but an On/Off switch on the unit would be nice. Great product, would recommend.



No more hum! This thing is amazing.


As I added more pedals to my pedal board, the hum and noise was getting louder and just distracting. I'd read that your power supply could make a difference. I went ahead and tried the Pedal Power 2 PLUS- it's amazing! Upgrading my power supply completely eliminated the hum. It was well worth the purchase.



Most Popular for a Reason.


Great product. Works as advertised with no hum.



Perfect so far


Very happy with it it had everything I need I'm running 112 V paddle on it several 9 V



I would deff recommend this product to all shredders


Great product! Solid build does everything you need for a pedal setup. Sag feature is awesome with over drives. Small and compact.



World's Most Popular Pedalboard Power Supply


The Voodoo Lab PP+ is the world standard for serious pedalboard power supplies. It's reliable, quiet, and just does everything right. You plug it in, hook up your pedals, and all your worries about hum, ground loops, batteries dying, etc just disappears. If you're looking for a world class pedalboard power supply, look no further, the Voodoo Lab PP+ is your choice!

David from RI

Rhode Island

Voodoo Lab goes above the call of duty


I've had several power supplies, and this is the best. Highly reliable and high functionality. The cables package Voodoo Lab gives you is exemplary. I needed a variety of different cables, and this came with everything I need. I even needed a super long cable that could cover my entire pedal board, and I pleasantly found a few in the packaging. I also have a pedal that only uses AC power rather than the DC power, and there's a courtesy AC outlet on the back of the power supply for it. Voodoo lab goes above and beyond the call of duty, and you will pretty much get everything you need with this purchase. I cannot recommend this enough.


Newport News, VA

Amazing Power


This Is my favorite pedal power dc brick hands down. Its insanely rugged, durable, and reliable. which is exactly what you need in a pedal power unit. if you don't have one get one.This is a real hands on product review from [email protected] Sam Ash Indianapolis


Indianapolis, IN

Pedal Power 2 PLUS Isolated Power Supply

4.9 9


Series Pedal Power
Model Pedal Power 2 PLUS Isolated Power Supply

Pedal Power 2 Plus user manual

Warranty Info:

Pedal Power 2 PLUS Isolated Power Supply

The manufacturer's warranty covers parts for five years and labor for five years from date of purchase. The warranty excludes damage from misuse, abuse, and contains other exclusions.