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Yamaha MGP-32X 32-Channel Analog Mixer


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MSRP: $1,699.00 $1,399.99 Save : $299.01 (18%)
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Digital heart with Analog Soul: From the preamps, EQ and effects to the Hybrid Channel functions and iPod/iPhone connectivity—every aspect, every feature, every sound, establishes the MGP as a premium mixing console in a class of its own.

Not just for live bands and DJ's, the MG Series mixing consoles can easily adapt to a truly impressive range of applications from portable PA to fixed installation. Now with the newly added digital functions and superior sound of the MGP, the possibilities are endless.

  • 24 Mic Inputs with 48V Phantom Power and HPF per Channel
  • 32 Line Inputs (24 mono and 4 stereo)
  • 6 AUX Sends + 2 FX Sends
  • 4 GROUP Buses + ST Bus
  • 2 Matrix out
  • 1 Mono out

A Revolution in Digital
The MGP is the realization of a new approach towards the utilization of digital technologies in a mixer, offering simple, analog-style control of sophisticated DSP functions. One of the most compelling features of analog gear is the direct, hands-on, intuitive operation that unites
the operator with the console. The MGP design sought to keep this feel consistent throughout the design to offer a wealth of functionality, yet with a simple, familiar touch.

D-PRE D-PRE. Defies. Description.
The preamp is where sound creation begins, and ultimately determines the character and quality of your overall mix. The importance of this critical first step inspired us to develop the most fat and warm sounding preamps possible—the newly refined D-PRE mic preamps. Initially intended for use with Yamaha's high-end recording gear, these studio-grade, discrete Class-A mic preamps employ an inverted Darlington circuit design that features multiple circuitry elements in a multi-layered configuration in order to deliver more power with lower impedance.

This means all the character, depth and feel of your original signal will be delivered with fat, natural sounding bass and smooth, soaring highs. Rediscover a favorite  mic or trusted instrument by capturing the full range of its charactor. With 48V phantom power for each channel and a sound that is incomparable in a compact mixer today, these studio-grade discrete Class-A mic preamps set the MGP apart, clearly defining a class all its own.

Digital Connectivity for Your iPod/iPhone
iPod/iPhone integration with the MGP offers much more than simple playback. With a single connection your Apple device is transformed into a flexible controller, giving you more detailed control of your MGP console.

High-Quality Digital Playback
The MGP Series mixers feature a built-in USB port to connect and charge your iPod or iPhone for seamless playback with a single connection. A direct digital connection offers a much higher level of quality with more detail and clarity than typical analog inputs can provide.

Stereo Hybrid Channel
40 years of experience working with professional mixers has led Yamaha to offer a new way of approaching sound reinforcement in the digital age: the Stereo Hybrid Channel. Beneath the analog-style knobs and encoders of MGP Series mixing consoles lies a sophisticated digital control system—a fusion that combines traditional analog feel with the functionality that only digital technology can offer.

The MGP Series utilizes a powerful, proprietary DSP to provide three essential features that are staples of both installed and live sound applications. In keeping with the theme of analog simplicity found throughout the MGP Series design, each of these functions is readily accessible and available at the touch of a button. Featuring a mid-sweep, three-band EQ for nuanced sound control and high-performance onboard A/D and D/A converters, the Stereo Hybrid Channel offers unique functionality with superior sound.

X-pressive EQ X Marks the Spot
Everyone knows vintage EQ sounds great—but not everyone knows why. Throughout the development of the innovative VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling) effects used in our high-end professional digital mixers, we became increasingly focused on reproducing the warmth and musicality of classic vintage EQs. It was through our precise modeling of the original circuitry of some of the most sought-after EQ modules from the
past that we discovered a characteristic “X-shape” of the frequency curves that was unique to these units— and would ultimately prove essential to unlocking real vintage authenticity.

More than just a means of tweaking your mix, the precise response and very steep shelving of the high and low frequencies make the X-pressive EQ a powerful sound-shaping tool that essentially redefines the role that EQ plays in sound reinforcement. Never before has an audio engineer's contribution to the overall sound been so significant, with X-pressive EQ providing complete control of every
aspect of your sonic palette.

1-Knob Compressors
Originally a Yamaha innovation, 1-knob compression is now a popular feature on an increasing number of compact mixing consoles with good reason. These intelligent compressors add optimally set compression to a wide variety of input sources with the touch of a single control—minus the hassle of setting up and configuring complex outboard gear. The MGP features our newly upgraded 1-knob compressors that feature LED indicators allowing you to visually monitor when the compression “kicks in” on each channel.

Things You Will Get:

    MGP-32X Console
    Power Cable
    Owner's Manual

Yamaha WOW


If you want a mixing board that will do the job and not hard to use, get this.. The sound is great, it's Yamaha. Second, the on board reverb, delay, and compression are great and easy to use. Overall, this board is laid out perfect and really does what it's says it does. For the money this is a great sound board This is a real hands on product review from Andy@ Sam Ash Indianapolis


Indianapolis, IN

Awesome Mixing Console


The Yamaha MGP-32X 32-Channel Analog Mixer is somewhere between analogue and digital which could be the perfect answer to those seeking analogue‑style channel control with the convenience and power of digital processing. Apart from software routing and channel‑based DSP, the MGP32X provides many features normally only found on digital mixers, this is implemented in an effective, stable and practical design. This mixer has all the bells and whistles you will most assuredly enjoy using this mixer. This is a real hands on review by Rick @ Sam Ash, Phoenix


Phoenix, AZ

Analog vs. Digital? Why choose?


Want a new board without going 100% digital? Well this desk is for you! This board packs a whole lot of digital signal processing, a whole lot more than you would think. What's more, you can also record and play to and from a USB stick! 6 aux sends per channel and channels 25-32 are stereo pairs with balanced TRS jacks and unbalanced phono RCA inputs. The RCA just add so much more flexibility. Great touch Yamaha! The design is simple and straight forward like you would expect from Yamaha or an analog board and all the input/output connectors are located on the rear panel and not on top! Very cool! This board is perfect for those who desire digital processing, but still want that analog channel control. A win-win! **This is a hands-on product review from Justin @Sam Ash, Ontario.



Amazing versatility


This is an incredibly versatile mixer with tons of input/output options and great sound quality. Yamaha really stepped it up with their MGP line of mixers. The electronics are much more discrete than that of their older MG line, and the knobs and faders even feel like they are much higher quality. There are 24 XLR mic inputs with phantom power to each one, as well as 32 1/4" line inputs. And the EQ section was specifically designed to give you that classic, warm vintage sound that everyone is after these days. All in all, you really can't go wrong with this mixer if you need a lot of inputs and premium quality sound. This is a real hands on product review by Steve at Sam Ash Music in Lyndhurst, OH.


Cleveland, OH

MGP-32X 32-Channel Analog Mixer

4.9 18


Series MGP
Model 32X
Dimensions 40.4"W x 6.7"H x 22.2"D
Weight 41.9 lbs.
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